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Great Wizard Names

Great Wizard Names Beschreibung

“Baby Name Wizard” Laura Wattenberg takes a unique research-driven, analytical approach to understanding names and style. Through her book and website. Baby Name Wizard Book Baby Name Books with Meanings Unique Baby All of the names below have been given to at least 5 American babies per year. The Baby Name Wizard, Revised 4th Edition: A Magical Method For Finding "More Unique Baby Names" - Lots of great ideas for baby names that aren. Baby Name Wizard Book , Baby Name Books with Meanings , Unique Baby Name Book The most unusual, noble, and beautiful baby names. Baby name encyclopedia from The Baby Name Wizard: meanings and origins, popularity, pronunciations, sibling names, surveys and add your own insights!

Great Wizard Names

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Her magical abilities allow her to wreak havoc across the land. While her exact nature and role vary from story to story, Morgana always remains a powerful sorceress.

The Dragon Reborn is perhaps the greatest channeler to ever grace the series of books created by Robert Jordan.

Rand is a hero reborn from legend to defeat the forces of evil. As he marches across the epic tale, he gradually discovers his powers and learns to use them against the enemy.

His raw magical power knows no equal. Jim Butcher created Dresden as a modern day wizard investigator. The quirky wizard patrols the streets of Chicago, solving crimes and saving the world from every nasty that lurks in the shadows.

Harry must follow the rules of the White Council, which frequently prevents him from uncorking his full power.

While there are more powerful wizards and forces in his world, Dresden applies his morality and cleverness to every situation. He always finds a way no matter the odds.

Michael Moorcock created Elric as a flawed hero. His tortured life provides him ample opportunity to show his abilities as both a sorcerer and a summoner.

While he battles against both friend and foe, Elric must rely on his powers to keep him on top. William Shakespeare placed Prospero on an island with his daughter Miranda, where he studied books of magic so he could protect his daughter.

Prospero ultimately abuses his magical powers by attempting to control everyone and everything that crosses his path. In the end, he tries to fight off the power of the corrupting magic by drowning the books.

Jared, can you explain to me why Yoda is not a wizard? They used that term again recently in The Mandalorian.

Jedi are wizards. Great post! Gary, Glad you enjoyed. If I ranked them again, I might end up completely shuffling the deck.

Yoda is a cleric or a druid, Jedi is a religion. Raistlin Majere is the premier fantasy wizard, especially pound for pound.

Justin, I will have to add Dragonlance to my reading list. Gandalf for the win. And i agree, Yoda should be higher. They possess many similar qualities.

A wizards greatest weapon is not his magic. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Not necessarily successful, he is nonetheless an impactful character in the further Dragonlance series.

The main character in the Dresden Files has been shot, stabbed, broken and killed — all in the worst days of his life — as told by Jim Butcher.

Like Harry Potter, Harry lives in our world that is blissfully unaware of the magical counterpoint. Terry Brooks first introduced readers to his brooding Druid in The Sword of Shannara , which spawned a trilogy and many other subsequent novels in the World of Shannara.

A tall man whose life has been elongated due to the Druid sleep, he knows more than he will ever tell anyone — you only need to know what you need to complete the task at hand.

Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel comic universe, Dr. Strange likely has more source material than just about any wizard — with the possible exception of Merlin — as he first appeared in Marvel Comics in Once a leading surgeon, Stephen lost the delicate control of his hands after a car accident.

After years of wandering and trying to find a way to fix his hands, he finally agrees to learn the sorcerous arts becoming one of the most powerful humans.

Strange has also been seen on TV in a number of Marvel animated series as well as one eponymous direct-to- DVD release.

Raymond E. Feist has been in the Fantasy genre for about as long as Brooks and has a much more enduring character, known primarily as Pug.

Starting in the Rift War quartet, we are introduced to a young man, who is reluctantly chosen by the court wizard for an apprenticeship.

However, he struggles to learn eventually being captured by other world insurgents. This begins his journey across worlds and magical disciplines — eventually becoming one of the most powerful wizards in Midkemia and beyond.

Though his journey started in the Rift War Saga, it has continued through numerous series, making him one of the wizard characters with the most longevity in this list.

Featured in more than half a dozen novels, numerous games and just a few magazine articles, the wizened old man has powers learned through the various tutelage and opportunities presented by Mystra, the goddess of magic.

As her chosen, he has been through many quests and trials earning the wrath and envy of many kings, sorcerers and general baddies.

While Harry Potter was not the most powerful wizard in Hogwarts, or the smartest, he definitely had the most gusto. Tolkien is likely the most well-known fantasy author having almost single-handedly launched the genre in novel format.

Like Allanon, Gandalf is a bit of a schemer and acts like a guide by only giving out as much information as needed to move the characters along the path needed.

Tolkien described his wizard as an angelic being and was featured in many of his books beyond the famous trilogy. What a great list!

It mixes wizards from all walks of life, genres, and age ranges. From classic Merlin to the modern Potter, you cant go wrong with this list.

My favorite of all time, is Harry Dresden. Nice job! Tough wizards use staffs not sissy wands I can hardly wait to see what happens in book 14 — Cold Days.

I hope it comes out soon. I personally think Merlin should be higher than number 10 on this list. I think Merlin should be at least number 3.

I can live with Harry Potter being number 1 and Gandalf being number 2. However in my opinion Merlin should be number 3 at least. They are listed in no particular order, as stated in the opening paragraph.

I obviously did not read your caveat at the start of this list. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I will try to read the entire post in the future before making a comment.

Thanks again for pointing your caveat out to me. Sorry about that. Your oversight is easily understood, we usually do give an order to our lists.

I leave that up to each author though and this time Bill chose to list his 10 choices in a random order. Thanks for commenting. Did you seriously just put 2 comic book characters who most people have never heard of ahead of Merlin?

Read the opening paragraph. It specifically states they are in no particular order. I would agree that Merlin is the Grand Daddy of all Wizards in literature.

Sorry, I thought he was way more popular. Harry potter is a joke as far as power. Should just make it Mickey Mouse. Some of them can melt mountains, make it rain something like acid, etc.

But in contrast to these insanely powerful, yet often one dimensional wizards, a couple of the main characters are much much much less powerful hedge wizards who have plenty of personal weaknesses a major one being alcohol in addition to overall weaker abilities.

Yeah I really liked ONE EYE he was a really fun wizard to read about especially his antics and duels with goblin when the mercenaries of the black company were not out slaughtering armies and slaying powerful beings.

I think you should check on the best-selling statistics again. Great list…Would be interesting to place this list side by side with a Top 10 witches list.

Good point. These are all males, what would a female list of magic users look like?. Elphaba from Wicked might be a good one to add, too.

Hmmm, who else would be a good addition to the list? Everyone chip in and see if we can make a spontaneous top ten list here.

Anyone want to write a list for that topic? Not being a fan of the Terry Goodkind series too much torture for my taste I can understand why Rahl did not make the top ten.

And I think the author wanted only one sorcerer per series so Gandalf beats out the guy he helped defeat. I mean seriously, Sauron is defeated by Gollum, how can you take the guy seriously?

Le Guin? He went through an incredible transformation over the course of just one book, and he was an enormously powerful wizard at a very young age.

I would say Gerald Tarrant, from the Coldfire trilogy, that is one powerful guy and a fascinatingly complex character! Belgarath is found in 12 novels and is every bit as powerful and fun as many, if not all, of the ones included on this list.

Until recently for Harry Potter? It is by far the most popular series in the history of the world. Beating the second most sold sold series by over a million sales.

Harry Potter is still the best selling book series of all time, it has sold nearly million copies. Nothing has even come close to it yet.

So what is it referring to? Gandalf and Merlin are far more popular. I love that fact that Pug of Crydee is on the list.

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The 20 Most Powerful Witches And Wizards In The Harry Potter Universe Tank Attack Witches Umbridge Viv This week we return to the ordering of things. Argus Learn how your comment data is processed.

Great Wizard Names Video

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This wizard name generator will generate either 10 male or female names depending on your choice. Wizard names vary greatly from one work of fiction to another.

Some choose to stick more to real names, like many names in Harry Potter, while others stick to fantasy-style names, like in Lord of the Rings.

This generator generally sticks to the fantasy-style names, as there are plenty of name generators for real names. However, there are plenty of names which could also be used as a fairly unique real name.

I've also tried to make sure many different types of fantasy styles are part of this generator, from the more easily pronounceable friendly names, to the less pronounceable, demonic or evil sounding names.

To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. Don't like the names? She is considering as the benefactor of death.

In Greek mythology, Cassandra is a soothsayer, witch, and a bearer of evil omens. Cassandra had been blessed by Apollo and impressed by her heavenly beauty.

She got the blessing of clairvoyance, unfortunately, turned that blessing as the curse. For her curse, nobody believed her prediction.

As a result, she became the figure of tragedy and epic tradition. Holda or the matron of the domestic chores is a German witch and closely related with Scandinavian folklore.

She is the superior of female nightly spirits who pass the sky to attend feast or wage war. She is also famous as the guardian of small children.

The Holda comes from the Latin inscription Hludana. Abramelin is a magician or semi-mythical sage from Egypt.

It had believed that he wrote it for his son. This book considered as the highest standard of the witch.

Abramelin exists in many myths, tales, novels, television show, and poems. His books become extremely popular in 19th and 20th centuries. It has believed that he lived from c.

He joined the leader Thorin and his team to reclaim to destroy a ring. He was the servant of the secret fire or ring bearer. In his third age, he sent to combat the ultimatum of Sauron.

Gandalf has narrated as a pointed blue hat, silver scarf, and a long grey cloak. Thus, He got the long white bread. Merlin has been known as prophet, magician, warlock; he served the emperor or king.

However, he is vastly popular to closely relate the Holy Grail and the capability to shapeshift.

The birth date is still unknown. As well as the death is also the mystery. Everyone believed that he created as a shape of Arthurian legend.

He is a prominent led in the stories of Camelot. However, he was paradoxical both the son of the devil but the servant of God. Medea has narrated as the devotee of Goddess Hecate and the priestess who had a huge knowledge of magic potions, prophesy, and clairvoyance.

Thus, We find her in most myth as a sorceress. To wrap up this article we could say the stories of these famous wizards are full of excitement and a world of mystery.

However, we hope you enjoyed our article. Thanks for being with us. A Passionate Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. Founder and Chief Editor of 10Lista.

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